Rep. Bellock to speak at College of DuPage to highlight Human Trafficking Awareness Week

GLEN ELLYN –State Representative Patti Bellock (R-Hinsdale) will speak at a Human Trafficking Awareness Week event hosted by College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn at 10:00am on Friday, December 2; an event which will also feature providers of support services to victims of human trafficking as well as actual victims themselves.

This spring, Representative Bellock introduced and sponsored legislation (House Bill 2822) which created the Human Trafficking Task Force. The task force is currently conducting a study on the human trafficking problem in Illinois in order to develop a state plan in response to it. The task force findings and recommendations will be submitted in a report due by June 30, 2017. The Human Trafficking Task Force is comprised of twelve members from the General Assembly as well as a representative from the Chicago Regional Human Trafficking Task Force and the Director of State Police.

House Bill 2822 was unanimously approved by the General Assembly this spring and signed into law by the Governor on August 22.

“We are making strides to combat human trafficking in Illinois and protect future victims from falling prey,” Representative Bellock said. “I look forward to participating in College of DuPage’s Human Trafficking Awareness event to share the important work we’re doing here at the state level and what local residents need to know.”

Specifically, the Human Trafficking Task Force study will make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly to:
1.       Develop a State plan to address human trafficking;
2.       Implementing a system for the sharing of human trafficking data between government agencies in a manner that ensures that the privacy of victims of human trafficking is protected and that data collection respects the privacy of victims of human trafficking;
3.       Establishing policies to enable State government to work with nongovernmental organizations and other elements of the private sector to prevent human trafficking and provide assistance to victims of human trafficking who are United States citizens or foreign nationals;
4.       Evaluate various approaches used by state and local governments to increase public awareness of human trafficking, including trafficking of United States citizens and foreign national victims;
5.       Develop methods for protecting the rights of victims of human trafficking, taking into account the need to consider the human rights and special needs of women and minors;
6.       Evaluating the necessity of treating victims of human trafficking as crime victims rather than criminals’ and
7.       Developing methods for promoting the safety of victims of human trafficking.

The Human Trafficking Awareness event at which Representative Bellock will discuss her initiative and the work of the task force will be held in Room SSC 3245 of College of DuPage, located at 425 Fawell Boulevard in Glen Ellyn at 10:00am on Friday, December 2.

For questions or more information, please call Representative Bellock’s office at (630) 852-8633.