Governor signs Bellock dyslexia bills into law

WESTMONT– Governor Bruce Rauner signed three bipartisan bills into law on Friday, July 22 introduced and sponsored by State Rep. Patti Bellock (R-Hinsdale), the Deputy Minority Leader of the Illinois House of Representatives. The three new state laws include: 

 HB 4352: Strengthens the education of children with dyslexia by establishing a statewide definition of dyslexia that the Illinois State Board of Education must incorporate in both general education and special education.

“Children with dyslexia must not be left behind in the classroom,” Rep. Bellock said. “By setting forth a clear definition of dyslexia, we’re giving educators and school administrators the understanding they need to make necessary changes to curriculum that will improve the learning environment for students with a reading disability.”

HB 4367: Improves childhood literacy by requiring the Illinois State Board of Education to reestablish the reading instruction advisory group abolished on December 15, 2015 to complete the abolished group's work before December 31, 2016.

“Literacy is the key to a quality education and the ability to succeed in the workforce,” Rep. Bellock added. “We must do everything we can, as parents and within schools, to lay this critical foundation for our children’s and grandchildren’s future by making sure every child learns to read.”

The Governor also signed a third Bellock bill into law on Friday pertaining to military families:

HB 4327: Provides additional options other than state-run foster care and placement of children of active duty military personnel by allowing a parent or guardian serving in the military to execute a short-term guardianship that may extend beyond 365 days to a maximum of 30 days past a term of active duty. 

“By allowing moms and dads serving in the military to execute a guardianship for their kids, we’re giving families the ability to ensure their kids are raised in a stable and loving home of their choice while they are serving our country,” Rep. Bellock said.
For questions or more information, please contact Rep. Bellock’s office at (630) 852-8633.

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