Statement from Deputy Minority Leader Bellock on passage of stopgap budget

“Today, on the last day of the state’s fiscal year, the General Assembly reached a compromise and passed a stopgap budget which will fund schools-- both K-12 and higher education, human service providers, MAP grants, and transportation.  
This agreement was reached in bi-partisan working groups to ensure schools and universities can open on time and that more than 800 active transportation projects continue uninterrupted, keeping 25,000 workers on the job. The stopgap budget will protect Illinois taxpayers while giving legislators a bridge to a balanced, full year budget.
The stopgap plan makes funding our colleges and universities a priority, providing $1 billion on top of $600 million already approved in FY 16. This will ensure universities will open on time and have the resources they need to complete their fall semester. Community colleges will also receive the funding they need and MAP grants for low income students will be paid.
The stopgap compromise provides $742 million in critically needed funding for human service providers that help care for the most vulnerable in our communities; Vital state services will remain open and operating, including veterans' homes, mental health centers, state police, prisons and state parks. 
The education and stopgap funding plans are both affordable and responsible. This is what real compromise looks like. I will continue to work with my colleagues throughout the summer to complete the process."