Daily Herald: Leaders call for more action on Heroin Abuse Awareness Day

By Jessica Cilella, Daily Herald
You don't take heroin. Heroin takes you.
It's just one of many messages officials familiar with the drug said they wanted to convey to the public during a news conference Wednesday at the Robert Crown Center for Health Education in Hinsdale to mark the state's inaugural Heroin Abuse Awareness Day...
[State Rep. Patti] Bellock, who sponsored the resolution to create a statewide Heroin Abuse Awareness Day, recalled that one of the first task force meetings she attended after signing on to help with the heroin problem was titled "Heroin: The Suburban Secret."
"It's no longer a secret in our county or in our state," she said. "We have faced it."

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State Rep. Patti Bellock (left), joins Roger Hruby of the Robert Crown Center, DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin, and Deputy House Majority Leader Lou Lang at the Heroin Abuse Awareness Day press conference in Hinsdale on November 4.