Rep. Bellock: Unbalanced Budget Demands Bipartisan Solution

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Patti Bellock (R-Hinsdale) reacted today following a series of votes in the Illinois House of Representatives to approve a partisan budget advanced by House Democrats that spends $4 Billion more than the state’s revenue projections:

“The most vulnerable individuals and families in Illinois need leaders who are willing to set politics aside and come together to achieve real budget solutions. What we witnessed today is a far cry from a spirit of cooperation and compromise. The majority party is jeopardizing essential services and not respecting taxpayers by passing a budget that, by their own admission, spends $4 Billion more than what the state can afford.”

Rep. Bellock is the Chief Budget Negotiator for the House Republican Caucus as well as the Minority Spokesperson the Human Services Appropriations Committee.

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