Illinois News Network: Surprise budget amendments a sham, Republicans say

From the Illinois News Network:

A sham, a scam, a fraud, a joke– That’s how House Republicans characterized budget bill amendments passed Thursday that restores social service programs being reduced or eliminated in the proposed 2016 fiscal year. House Speaker Michael Madigan originally offered up an amendment to House Bill 4141 that reflected the Governor’s proposed cuts to various social services programs. Republicans were blindsided and ended up largely voting present on the measure. Fifteen amendments were then added to the bill for votes, something republicans said circumvented the standard committee-to-floor process...

Republican Patti Bellock worried the budget amendments, without revenue to cover the bills, would increase the state’s backlog.

“When it comes to the end I don’t know where we’re going to have the funding for this. And again I brought up before about the unpaid bills. They’re not just out there. Those unpaid bills go to the providers, doctors, nursing homes, small business people.”

Bellock said the states needs to pay it’s bills and get back on track...

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