The Bellock Bulletin: April 27

Dear Neighbor,

I would like to take a moment to update you on important developments from the past week that affect local families and our community as a whole. Last Wednesday, the Illinois Senate voted to restore $26 million in social service and public health grants that the Governor had frozen. I will support the Senate’s action and approve restoration of the grant funding for autism and other social services if it is heard in the House of Representatives.

Also on Wednesday, the House voted to approve legislation to ban non-home rule communities from utilizing red light cameras after January 1, 2017. The bill, HB 173, was approved on a bipartisan basis by a vote of 79-26, with suburban legislators of both parties coming together in recognition that red light cameras have not improved traffic safety, and have only been used to generate revenue. I was among those voting to ban red light cameras. The bill now goes to the State Senate for consideration.

Finally, many of you received misleading information in the past few days criticizing my recent vote to eliminate the state’s current-year budget shortfall of $1.6 Billion dollars with a plan that includes reallocating a portion of unused road fund money to keep our daycares open, to keep our prisons operating, and to maintain uninterrupted services for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled, among others.

This emergency budget measure we approved on March 24 provides Governor Rauner the tools to bring what was left of this year’s 2015 State budget into balance. Assurances were given that this reallocation of $350 million will not affect the FY 16 allotment for road construction or put IDOT operations in jeopardy.  Currently, the Illinois Road fund, which contains revenue from motor fuel taxes, vehicle registrations, drivers’ license fees, and the federal government, sits on a balance of over $1 billion.

Concerns regarding Illinois’ infrastructure are real and I share those concerns; however, to achieve our goal of rebuilding Illinois we need to first deal with the immediate need to turnaround Illinois’ finances and have a real balanced budget. This goal can be achieved, but not through short sighted, adversarial measures aimed at dividing us; but through thoughtful, bipartisan negotiations where everyone comes to the table to provide input and solutions. 

As always, please feel welcome to let me know if you have any questions or concerns by calling my District Office at (630) 852-8633 or by e-mailing me at Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

Patti Bellock
Deputy Minority Leader
State Representative, 47th District 

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